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Using AI to Revolutionise Grading

For teachers, grading student work is one of the most time-consuming and tedious aspects of the job. Having to provide detailed feedback on essay assignments, math problem sets, coding projects and more for dozens or even hundreds of students is an immense burden. Not only does it take away valuable time that could be spent on lesson planning and engaging with students, but the tedium can lead to burnout over time.

Grade4Me is an AI-powered grading tool that aims to ease this burden and revolutionise how teachers provide feedback and assess student work. At its core, Grade4Me uses advanced natural language processing (Generative AI) to automatically review, analyse and provide feedback on student submissions.

For written assignments like essays or short answers, Grade4Me can highlight areas of strength and weaknesses, check for proper grammar and spelling, and even provide suggestions for improved structure and clarity. For quantitative subjects like math, science, and coding, it can step through each problem or program, identify mistakes, and explain corrections in intuitive language.

Rather than having to painstakingly review each submission themselves, teachers simply upload the assignments and Grade4Me handles the initial pass automatically. The AI-generated feedback is then presented to the teacher, who can quickly scan over it, make any adjustments needed, and finalize the feedback to send back to students.

This hybrid human-AI approach gets the best of both worlds - the consistency, speed and scalability of automated analysis combined with a human teacher's deeper insights, context and oversight. Teachers can focus their energy on the areas that truly need their expertise rather than the manual grunt work.

Grade4Me will also include data visualisation dashboards that identify trends, showing which concepts students are struggling with collectively so teachers know what areas need more focus. A historical view will allow teachers to compare past and present assignments to track student progress over time.

With AI assistance reducing their workloads, teachers can redirect time and energy towards creating more engaging lesson plans, providing individualised attention for students in need, and avoiding the fatigue and burnout that teaching's exhausting grading workload can cause. Grade4Me represents the future of grading - leveraging automation and AI to handle tedious tasks so teachers can focus on what they do best: inspiring young minds through quality education.


Grade4Me is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to automate and enhance the grading process for teachers, helping to reduce their workload and improve the quality of student feedback.

Hybrid Human-AI Approach:

  • Teachers upload assignments, and the AI generates initial feedback.
  • Teachers review and adjust the feedback before finalizing it for students.
  • Combines the efficiency of AI with the insight and oversight of human teachers.


  • Time-Saving: Reduces the time teachers spend on grading, allowing them to focus on lesson planning and student engagement.
  • Consistency and Scalability: Ensures consistent feedback and can handle large volumes of student work.
  • Enhanced Feedback Quality: Provides detailed, thoughtful feedback that helps students understand their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Teacher Well-being: Helps prevent teacher burnout by alleviating the tedium and stress associated with grading.


Grade4Me leverages AI to transform the grading process, enabling teachers to provide high-quality education while managing their workload more effectively. This innovative tool represents the future of grading, allowing educators to focus on what they do best: inspiring and educating students.

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