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Introducing Freshwater Futures

Please say hello to my latest venture: Freshwater Futures Pty Ltd.

The mission is simple: help organisations navigate the future and unlock the potential of emerging technology.

This year that might look like exploring Generative AI in sales, support and knowledge management, but I'm not ruling out robots in our very near future.

Would you like to join me on this journey?

On the client side I'm looking to partner with organisations who are ready to identify, plan and implement their next experiment with AI.

I'm also looking to partner with experienced B2B sales and account folk to mentor me and find new clients.

For everyone interested in AI I'm looking for early-adopters to try our pre-release products and services.

Send me a message if you want to be part of this!

The backstory

For 15 years I've been AgileBen - I've loved learning (and teaching) state-of-the-art techniques, everything from XP, agile and lean through to product management and OKRs.

Something is different this time: the last 14 months have been a wild ride for me - I've been avidly (perhaps obsessively) absorbing everything I can about Generative AI, LLMs and Machine Learning - and every month I've seen substantive improvements in AI and it feels like we're only just getting started.

I keep experiencing these amazing "wow" moments when building tools with AI: often it's the moment after a zero-shot prompt where the AI has "just worked" the first time. From this wow moment to a production-grade enterprise solution there are a whole series of of testing and evaluation steps, but this initial wow moment has got me hooked.

After so many years in the industry, I suddenly feel invigorated and excited by technology again and I think the next 15 years are going to be an even more wild ride. It may take many years to fully master the dark arts of cognitive engineering, but I'm already on my way and I am really looking forward to learning and working with the amazing people in my network.

I think we will see crazy productivity improvements across every industry, and more excitingly I think we'll see entirely new kinds of organisations that are built from the ground-up to take advantage of AI. I envision Freshwater Futures as being one of the early truly AI-native organisations.

Wherever it takes us I'm committed to enjoying the journey every day and doing it with amazing people.

What a time to be alive!

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