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Implications of GPT-4o for Business

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Navigating the Future: GPT-4 and Its Business Implications

Welcome back to Navigating the Future! I'm Ben Hogan, founder of Freshwater Futures. Today we're diving into OpenAI's latest announcement, GPT-4, and what it means for your business and strategy.

OpenAI has launched its new flagship model, GPT-4, a significant step towards ubiquitous AI in our lives and businesses. This model boasts enhanced capabilities that will dramatically change how and how often we interact with AI.

The "O" in GPT-4 stands for "omnimodal." GPT-4 can now understand and generate audio natively, including different emotions, speaker identification, and processing it much faster than previous models. This means more fluent, natural conversations, as the AI no longer needs to convert between audio and text. GPT-4 can also understand video frames and even interpret charts. Essentially, it's catching up with Google's Gemini 1.5 Pro in several areas, which is exciting!

One business implication is a revolution in customer support. Customer support bots will be so sophisticated you can actually hold natural conversations with them.

GPT-4's faster and more natural conversational abilities make it perfect for tutoring, coaching, and supporting users while they learn or work. It's going to become commonplace to chat with your AI assistant as you work.

The new desktop version of ChatGPT, called "Sidekick," will be able to see your screen, access your code, and act as a true assistant. This means GPT-4 will be able to assist you in your work, seeing what you see, and potentially leading to full-time pair programming.

One of the biggest announcements is that GPT-4 is completely free to use for everyone. This democratises AI, potentially bringing its benefits to many more people, including your staff.

This brings us to an important point: data privacy. The free version of GPT-4 raises the risk of data privacy leaks. Ensure you have robust security measures in place and that your staff understands not to send sensitive customer data to the cloud to be trained on future models.

The new GPT-4 API, coming out in a few weeks, will be twice as fast and half the cost to run. This means products built with the OpenAI API, like my teacher assistant "Grade for Me," will be able to grade homework faster, with better quality, and at a lower cost, making it even more commercially viable.

GPT-4 is also slightly smarter than its predecessor. This translates to better code quality and faster performance for software developers, leading to more efficient coding and higher-quality outputs.

In conclusion, the launch of GPT-4 by OpenAI has far-reaching implications for businesses. From its real-time conversational abilities to the cheaper, faster API, this model will transform how we operate and innovate.

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