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Future Fridays in Fitzory - AI Hackathon


Join us every Friday for a thrilling expedition into the world of Generative AI, nestled in the heart of Melbourne's vibrant Fitzroy. Future Fridays is more than just a hackathon; it's a gathering of minds, a community of AI enthusiasts, innovators, and tech visionaries from Melbourne and across the globe.


Your Friday Itinerary

  • 1-2pm: Social Lunch at Pony White Cafe

    Kick off your Future Friday with a casual lunch at Pony White Cafe. It's the perfect opportunity to fuel up, share ideas, and connect with fellow AI aficionados in a relaxed setting.

  • 2pm: Creativity Unleashed at 338 Gore St

    The main event unfolds at 338 Gore St, where we dive into hands-on GenAI projects. Whether you're looking to push the boundaries of AI, develop your technical skills, or bring a passion project to life, this is the place to be.

  • 4pm: Celebratory Drinks at the Pub

    After a productive afternoon of hacking and collaboration, we wind down with drinks at a nearby pub. It's a time to celebrate our achievements, forge deeper connections, and perhaps even spark new collaborations.

Why Join Future Fridays?

  • Hack on Fun AI Projects: From novice enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, engage in exciting AI challenges that push the limits of what's possible.
  • Build Your Skills and Portfolio: Enhance your technical prowess and showcase your innovations. Future Fridays is the launching pad for your next big breakthrough.
  • Network and Support Each Other: Find your tribe among a supportive community of peers. Whether you're seeking advice, feedback, or gig opportunities, you'll find a network ready to lift you higher.


Be Part of the Future

Future Fridays in Fitzroy is where passion meets innovation. Whether you're local to Melbourne or joining us from afar, you're welcome in our community of dreamers and doers. Let's hack the future together, one Friday at a time.

Join us at Future Fridays and turn your AI dreams into reality.

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