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AI OKR Coach

We've been teaching organisations OKRs for many years, and now we've packaged that experience into our AI OKR Coach an always available OKR Coach that integrates with your existing tracking systems like that can help you set and improve your OKRs. Pairs perfectly with our OKR training over at our sister business Freshwater Academy. We were able to build our initial proof of concept in less than a week!

Given my experience teaching strategy and OKRs building an AI OKR Coach was an obvious idea to see if AI can help my clients set and refine their OKRs.

After only a few days I was able to build a very quick working prototype:


Our OKR coach integrates with the client’s tool of choice (monday in this case) and allows the user to get one click feedback on their OKRs based on our guidelines:


You can also chat with the underlying model or ask it to help you write an OKR from scratch:


Generative AI models are particularly good at this kind of use case: helping users come up with the right words or providing suggestions.

I’m blown away by how helpful this first version is!

Interested in trying it out?

Get in touch if you’d like to be an alpha tester for our AI OKR Coach within your organisation!

We also have a waiting list here:

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