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The AI Leadership Lab - a Workshop Series

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Welcome to the AI Leadership Lab, where we empower business leaders and professionals with cutting-edge AI knowledge and practical skills. Join us for a transformative series designed to elevate your business using the power of AI.


Provide affordable, high-quality education on utilising artificial intelligence to revolutionize key aspects of your business.

Target Audience

Business owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals eager to upskill.

Workshop Structure

Core Topics

Series Details

Sessions Overview

  1. Unleashing AI in Your Business
    Come see what AI can do for you—dive into a day of discovery with examples, demonstrations, and a bit of expert wisdom!
  2. Navigating AI Privacy and Safety
    Keep it legal, keep your job—learn how to navigate the tricky waters of AI privacy and safety without getting fired!
  3. Mastering GPT, Claude, and Gemini
    Give AI a go with us! Get your hands on the latest AI tech and see real magic happen in your business operations!
  4. Driving Business Growth with AI
    Impress your prospects and boost your sales—find out how AI can seriously spice up your marketing and sales strategies!
  5. Transforming Customer Service
    Make your customers smile every time—learn how to personalise support and solve problems faster with AI!
  6. Integrating AI into HR and Recruitment
    Build a happier team with AI! Discover tools and strategies that make HR smoother and more fair.
  7. Pioneering Product Innovation
    Create better products, faster! Join us to explore how AI can accelerate innovation and refine your product development process.
  8. Optimising Operations
    Cut costs, not corners—find out how integrating AI can make your operations leaner and meaner than ever!

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